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Exterior house paint

Exterior house painting
Exterior house painted
House painting - Co Clare

Exterior durability of house paint

Exterior durability of house paint will depend on your location, material used for building and high quality of your paint used for refreshment / renovation.

So , how long? Don’t wait to long!

House condition can deteriorate dramatically depending on climate also and cost of this project can be drastically expensive.

Beside the Benefit that your home looks well, regular maintenance extends life of your house paint.

Maintenance of exterior house paint

  • Power washing

    Fast and effective method to remove layers of dirt on your house. offers power washing services..
  • Maintain landscaping

    Trim bushes and trees growing near to your house to support air flow. That can avoid growth of mildew and mould.
  • Regular check up of gutters and downspouts

    If you neglect your gutter system function, repair leads to costly expense. Because clogged gutters can be nearly as bad as having no gutters at all. offers gutter cleaning services.
  • Caulking and wood sealing

    Caulking has another important function to prevent your home from infestation, drafts and heat leakage.
  • Repainting

    Repainting slows down the process of rotting. The key is to keep your house dry! Get a free quote right now!