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House painting - Is your home in need of fresh coat?

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Here are few tips to achieve that imaculate finish you have seen on the internet

Before you decide whether to hire professional help or take on the painting job yourself, there is a need to consider a few factors:
  • Price vs Time
  • Is it realistic task for me to refresh the entire house?
  • Do you just want to paint your living room or entire downstairs of your home?
  • What is the current state of a paint on the wall?
  • Will I need to wash and sand the wall or peel off entire remaining wall coat?
  • Smooth surface in new house will be much easier DIY task than painting walls with multiple under coats.

Interior or Exterior

There is no need to remind you exterior paint job can be far more complicated then interior. You may not be able to access the hight of your house and unpredictable weather often complicates the ambition to start the makeover.
Processing your plan using professional:
  • Contact professionals for price estimate (tip: ask if second coat is included in the price)
  • Request References
  • Understand what’s required as preparation before painting process (moving furniture, covering floor)
  • Check insurance
  • Make a payment plan and confirm starting date (ask if deposit is requested to make work in process)

DIY Painting

Your physical strength and ergonomic skills will be the key to success equally with your aesthetic sense, detail orientation, familiarity with required tools and materials.
Step by step:
  • Remove furniture, shelves, ceiling light shade out of way
  • Tape your windows, door frames, trim, cover you floor to prevent from paint dripps
  • Latex paint or oil based paint? The difference between oil-based and latex paint lies in their composition, properties, and ease of use.
  • Prepare your walls (Remove peeling paint, inspect for defects)
  • Remove / replace damaged wood
  • Prime
  • Caulk
  • Choose correct rollers and brushes
  • Practice with ladder
  • Get started at the top and work down
  • Don’t forget that often happens your wall needs another coat to retain the proper colour
  • Clean
  • To protect final finish of your interior, remove tapes as soon as possible