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House painting with chalky walls

Painting outside of the house with chalky or powdery walls

When it comes to painting of your house it is important to follow the steps to do the job right way.
If the outside walls of your house are chalky or powdery you need to take extra care and work to solve this problem.
Step number one is most important. Power washing of the house is something you have to do, especially when your walls are damaged. Make sure to remove all flaking or loose paint. Use turbo nozzle to get rid of any dirt and grime is well.
Leave at least one day before another step.
  • Apply good quality wall stabilizer, for example Colourtrend stabilizer.
  • Use roller or brush to apply on your walls, only the area that is affected most.
  • Provide another coat if needed.
  • Let it dry for at least 2-4 hrs before painting.
For your top coat it is important to choose right paint brand. Sandtex Xtreme xposure would be a great choice for your house to keep it treated for number of the years. Always apply minimun of two coats, one coat is not enough to portect your home from weather conditions we have in Ireland.